Art Matters and CESSA present Synchresis, an evening of interdisciplinary exploration of sound, vision, and movement through performance, installation art, fixed media, and multichannel sound.

Wednesday March 17th, 2010
Eastern Bloc - 7240 Rue Clark - Montreal, QC - Google Maps

Vernissage at 7PM
Performances begin at 8:30PM



Navid Navab & Multigraphers Art Group

Sound / Video / Dance

cAvA is an inter-disciplinary piece where augmented photography, video projection, real-time sound, and performance all mingle together to present a performative organism that immerses us in a multi-sensory space. The central theme is the recreation of a mother’s womb.


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Nunavik Soundscape

Jackson Darby & Nimalan Yoganathan

Sound / Video

Using field recordings from soundscape research in Nunavik, this performance will explore Hip-Hop and Dub idioms while appropriating Electroacoustic techniques to create a multi-channel sonic environment along with visual projections.


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The Art of Business

Monica Coquoz


Momo Coco’s (Monica Coquoz) work is based on movement and voice improvisation. Profoundly concerned by the seemingly passive acceptance of the current (dis)order, MC hopes to provoke change through her artistic practice.


Machine Gun Cycles

Michael Plante & Jesse Moon

Sound / Video

...The smokers are now inside dancing with nameless musicians and the tall lanky man washes his hands like clockwork...




textbook sonic


Four separate didgeridoos recorded and edited using tape technique for a multi-channel environment combined with live performance of the didgeridoo exploring the depths of low frequency, phase, and motion.


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Henk Boom, Karen Lee, Nicolás Muñoz, Peter Rockwell

Interactive / Sound / Light Projection

GAIA is an immersive environment that simulates life through projected light, fabric, sound, and interaction. Visitors affect the behaviour of virtual creatures becoming themselves entwined in the fabric of the system.


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IvoTobin Lippold

Sound / Photography

This installation takes the form of a series of photographs with accompanying electroacoustic compositions. Each work is a decontextualized freeze-frame, but the sound brings us deeper into its emotional consequences.

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A Tale

Cora Wöllenstein


Mixed media paintings which reveal parts of a history that has been suppressed by shame and guilt. The interaction between the mediums alludes a disconnection between germans and their heritage.

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Body & Landscape

Jessica Lee Gagne

Video / Photography

Body and Landscape is a video- and photo-based project exploring photographic representation through the fundamental limits of the medium: pixels and distance, portraits and landscapes.

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Mark James


Butterfly is a 5 minute experimental audio recording. The aim of the piece is to explore the themes of change and transformation, as well as, to evoke otherworldly imagery.

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I Don't Want to Fuck Brad Pitt, I Want to Be Brad Pitt

Stephanie Lau


Brad Pitt: Sexy. Wealthy. Well-dressed. Charismatic. Powerful. Women desire him for what he has, but I believe we don’t have to fuck Brad Pitt – we can be him.


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Meat By Meat For Meat

Samuel Ferguson-Sharp


butcher-shop explosion, alien landscape, Mesozoic landscape. thick black lines, Animated brushwork interlocks into a vibrant patchwork behind plethora of juicy meats. Dog eat dog. Natural disaster, extinction. Africa shaped steak.

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Urban Abstraction

Amy Vaillancourt


The materials and design of this project are meant to reflect the built arrangement that we experience on a daily basis. Understanding the emotions that are created by these familiar shapes both organic and fabricated is important in creating different movements and consumption patterns.

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Urban Sky

Jessica Hébert


Video exploration of how we view the urban sky at night. The city lights slowly transform to become replacements for the starry night.Video exploration of how we view the urban sky at night. The city lights slowly transform to become replacements for the starry night.

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Synchresis | Art Matters | Eastern Bloc
"Synchresis is the forging between something one sees and something one hears - it is the mental fusion between a sound and a visual when these occur at exactly the same time." -Michel Chion
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